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My Benefits From Bowhunting

If you know me then you know I am a huge fan of hunting. If I don’t take home at least 1 deer a year I am extremely disappointed. Since I have been doing it for so long, it started to get kind of predictable. Because of this I started to look for ways to change things up. That is when I stumbled upon bow hunting.

When I first found it, a light bulb just went off in my head. I immediately started searching for a bow to buy to get started. To start off with, here are some tips I found for finding the best hunting bow.

The first would be find something quiet. As hunters we know that you just can’t make noise. The slightest rustle will spook the animal and it will run off. With a bow when you are pulling the string and preparing to shoot, you want that draw to be as quiet as possible.

I would also suggest finding a bow that comes in camo. There are a number of products that are pre-made like that so it makes sense to pick one of these up instead of doing it yourself. It just saves time. Unless there is a bow that you really must have, I would go down this route.

Now onto how it has helped me. For one, bow hunting is harder. It has caused me to really step up my game. For one, you need to close a closer distance than you would with a gun. Arrows don’t travel nearly as fast as bullets, so they lose their velocity and trajectory faster. If you are further away, then your arrow will likely drop must faster. You need to close in in order to accommodate this. This makes it much more rewarding when getting a target. You are forced to improve in every area to be successful.

Concentration is the new one. While you do have to have that for a gun, it took more for me to be able to aim a compound bow. Your body becomes a much more integral part of the shooting process, so you have to make sure you are stable all around, and stay quiet at the same time. This hasn’t just helped my hunting game, but helped all around in my life. It has helped my patience and concentration in all areas.

These are just a few of the big areas I have found joy with hunting with a bow. If you have the means to buy a bow and pick up archery, give it a try. At least head down to an archery range and see if you can fire off a few shots to see what it was liked. I was hooked the first time, and I suspect a lot of you will be too.